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2020-05-16AuxMod Basic is Permanently OUT OF STOCK. We thank you for your patronage, and refret to inform you to AuxMod has been DISCONTINUED.
2018-01-05AuxMod Basic is IN STOCK.
2017-12-28AuxMod Basic is OUT OF STOCK. We currently estimate that we should have modules back in stock by about the end of January 2018.
2016-05-15AuxMod Basic is IN STOCK.
2016-04-27AuxMod Basic is OUT OF STOCK. We currently estimate that we should have modules back in stock by about the end of May 2016.
2016-01-24AuxMod Basic is IN STOCK. Due to USPS price increases, we've had to increase the cost of the shipping charges to cover the expenses. The good news is that USPS still remains the most affordable and reliable method to ship AuxMod.
2014-12-18AuxMod Basic is IN STOCK.
2014-11-22AuxMod Basic is OUT OF STOCK. We expect to have more available around the middle of December.
2014-07-12AuxMod Basic is IN STOCK.
2014-06-27AuxMod Basic is OUT of STOCK for two to three weeks.
2014-04-02AuxMod Basic is IN STOCK.
2014-03-30AuxMod Basic is OUT of STOCK for about a week to 10 days.
2014-03-25AuxMod Basic is IN STOCK, with a new design.
2014-02-20AuxMod Basic is still OUT OF STOCK. We should have more at the end of this month, February 2014.
2014-01-25AuxMod Basic is OUT OF STOCK. We currently estimate that we should have modules back in stock by about mid March 2014.
2013-01-22AuxMod Basic is back IN STOCK. Based on past projections, we should have modules in stock well into 2014.
2012-11-26AuxMod Basic is out of stock. We have a production order in process, we we expect to have new modules back in stock by roughly the middle of Janary 2013.
2011-09-26AuxMod Basic is back in stock now.
2011-08-16AuxMod Basic is out of stock. We have another order in production, and expect to have modules back in stock on or before Sept. 30 2011.
2010-09-22AuxMod Basic is back in stock now.
2010-08-01More delays - Modules should be available in 2 to 3 weeks.
2010-06-28We have a new order of AuxMod Basic modules which should be in stock in about a month. Check back soon.
2010-01-23AuxMod Basic Modules are sold-out. We continue to have sourcing issues to obtian the connector critical to building our modules. Until this is resolves, there will likely be no more AuxMods available. We will update the information here if this changes.
2009-11-23We have a small batch of modules in stock. They may last around two months from the date of this news. After that, we don't know when we'll have modules again. We remain unable to re-source an essential component. We will provide an update here if this status changes.
2009-01-10We ran out of modules again. We'll post another update when we have modules available in stock again.
2008-01-29We have recieved another batch of AuxMod Basic modules. We were just on the last few modules of the last batch and our new order was finished just in time. We are shipping modules and answering emails only once per week now due to limited time, so if you don't hear from us right away don't be alarmed. We will reply to you as soon as possible . :)
2007-05-15We have just recieved another batch of AuxMod Basic modules. We have finally managed to get a continuous stream of modules flowing. We don't foresee running out of modules of AuxMod Basic before at least the end of this year (2007).
2006-11-29AuxMod Basic is back in stock. We should have enough on hand to last until sometime in January.
2006-07-19AuxMod Basic is out of stock. We do not expect general availablility again until approximately November this year.
2006-07-18AuxMod Basic software v1.3 (aka v1.21) is now the current shipping version. This fixes all known software issues with AuxMod. All 2006 Radios now work flawlessly and an older bug that somehow crept back into a test release has been resolved.
We are planning on releasing approximately 500 AuxMod Advanced modules in August to waitlisted people. We will contact you as the modules become available.
2006-05-15AuxMod Basic is in stock.
2006-04-24AuxMod Basic is out of stock. More are expected by mid-May.
2006-03-06AuxMod Basic is back in stock. We are planning to have a small batch of ~10 AuxMod Advanced modules available to pre-selected people high up on the waitlist towards the end of March. General availbility of AuxMod Advanced will follow in April.
2006-03-01AuxMod Basic should be back in stock on March 6th. AuxMod Advanced is scheduled for release towards the end of March.
2006-02-02AuxMod Basic and AuxMod Advanced will be further delayed until late February or March due to supply issues obtaining the connector used for to plug into the radio. We are expecting connectors to arrive in the next few weeks. We'll post updates on availability here first.
2006-01-12/One AuxMod Basic issue with 2006 Mazda3, Mazda5 and Miata radios has been resolved. If you have a 2006 Mazda and are having problems with your AuxMod Basic not turning on after an ignition cycle, Email Us to get an RMA number and instructions to return your module to us for upgrade.
We are still aware of an additional problem with a few 2006 AuxMod users that when switching from FM to 'Tape' mode using the buttons on the radio console may cause AuxMod Basic v1.1 and earlier to shut-down.
We will post more details here when we have completely resolved this issue and offer and updated reflash.
2005-12-31AuxMod Basic is out of stock. New stock is due in the beginning of February.
2005-12-30AuxMod Basic compatability with 2006 Model year Mazda3's and Mazda5's is near resolved.
2005-12-27The AuxMod Advanced release date has been delayed to February as a result of a delay in recieving the connectors used to connect to the radio.